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FREE Community Dinners

FREE Community Dinners are served each Wednesday evening from 6:00-6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Dinners are served buffet style with servers facilitating.  Meals usually include a meat dish, salad, fruit, milk and iced tea.  Coffee is also available during chillier months.

Our cooks rotate on a weekly basis allowing a different menu four times a month.  Pizza and salad are usually served on the fifth Wednesday of a month.

We have members of the church serving as greeters and “be-ers” meaning they dine with guests and help to provide a welcoming environment.  Our servers also try to dine at different tables each week to become familiar with our guests.

Sometimes special music is provided either by children of our church, singing groups, or guests.  Special menus are occasionally served as well as special desserts.  At Christmastime, we have offered cookies to be decorated at each table and then taken home to share.

We also invite guests to participate in events happening at the church and sometimes we provide literature as the season warrants.

We have been encouraged by our guests’ comments such as one stating it was like a family reunion when we met again after a brief hiatus during the summer.

No donations or fees are taken at the meals thereby allowing guests to feel comfortable and not in any way obligated.

If anyone ever wishes to contribute, they are encouraged to contact the church office during office hours.